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Bianchi Bvm 972

BVM 972, automatic 700 cup vending machine for hot and cold drinks with up to 56 programmable selections. Reinforced cabinet with anti-vandal hinges and door look with programmable code. Equipped with: system for the automatic regulation of the coffee bean grinding that guarantees with the variations of the humidity and the temperature, the best quality of the product dispensed at all times. Water softener that guarantees the respect of the HACCP standards and prevents lime scale build up. Mixers and boiler assembly are extractable to make maintenance operations easier. Cup dispenser adaptable to various diameters and spoon dispenser adjustable from 90 to 105 mm. Switching power supply that guarantees total stability of the instant product dose and complete electric safety protections. Standard multi-protocol electronics.

Dimensions: H 1830 mm x W 666 mm x D 776 mm Weight 155 kg

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Bianchi Bvm 972
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